Alexa Ranking
Alexa Rank: 8912045
Google PageRank
Google Page Rank: 2
Server Location
Server Location: Jinhua, China
DMOZ Listed: No
Registered Date
Registered Date: 2010-11-11
IP Address
IP Address: is owned by Liang Yokui. It is hosted in Jinhua, China. has a Google PageRank of 2. The alexa rank of is 8912045. The domain name was created on 2010-11-11 and expires on 2013-11-10. is not listed in DMOZ. uses and as its name servers. is owned by Liang Yokui.

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Field Value
Domain Name
Created On 2010-11-11
Changed On 2012-10-05
Expires On 2013-11-10
Owner Email Address yokui AT
Tech Email Address yokui AT
Admin Email Address yokui AT
Owner Phone +1.3612838440
Admin Phone +1.3612838440
Tech Phone +1.3612838440
Domain Name Registrar .CO Internet, S.A.S.
Owner Address QuanLong
Tech Address QuanLong
Admin Address QuanLong
China has a title KIONIC.COM :: Cheap, Reliable, Good Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, cPanel PHP Host.

Its meta description is KIONIC.COM offers fast, cheap, inexpensive and good web hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated web hosting and domain registration services..

Its meta keywords tag is cheap web hosting, fast reliable inexpensive good web host plans, cpanel, reseller hosting, Christian Web Hosts. uses Apache as a web server.

The language used by is Unknown. uses as its IP address. The server is located in Jinhua, China. The domain name uses 1 IP Addresses. The IP Address hosts 13 domain names.
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Field Value
Server Apache
Powered By
Content Type text/html; charset=latin1
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SOA Record
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