CubeWhois is a tool for webmasters that provides detailed whois information for a domain name.

It also displays a report on the traffic that a domain name receives using the Alexa traffic rank. The Google PageRank of the page is also displayed which shows how authoritative the page is on the web.

There are several other statistics displayed for a domain name which are as follows:

  • The trustworthiness of a domain name
  • Which web server does it use?
  • How fast is the website? (and also the percentile speed)
  • Is the site listed in DMOZ? DMOZ is a directory of the best sites on the web.
  • When does the domain name expire and when was it registered?
  • Is the site child safe? This rating comes from WOT.
  • What are the admin, tech and owner contacts of a domain name? This comes from the WHOIS record of a domain name.
  • What is the title, and meta tags of a page? We crawl the page to download the title and meta description and meta keyword tags of a domain name.
  • Which programming language does the page use? This information comes from the HTTP headers that are sent by the web server.
  • Reverse IP: This report displays other domain names hosted on the same IP Address.
  • Reverse NameServer: This report shows other websites that use the same DNS name server.
  • The DNS records of a domain name are displayed in a seperate section which shows the A, MX, NS and SOA records of a domain name.

Sample Sites